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First of all, welcome to my blog, in the endless amount of distractions in this world and particularly online, I’m delighted you are taking time to read my blog and about me. So where do I start? I’m torn between writing a full autobiography and giving you a snapshot the length of a tweet, I guess I’ll try find the middle ground. Follow me on on all the good social media by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the page by the way (shameless plug).

I’ll start with the basics, my name is Stephen, I was born in Coolock, an area on the north side of Dublin City and the area that most of my family are from. I moved from Dublin when I was about 12 years old, to a different way of life in Donacarney, Co. Meath. You often watch Hollywood tales of the country boy/girl moving to the big city, but this is that in reverse. At first I found life quite difficult in my new surroundings, simple things like walking to the shop weren’t an option anymore. I started Secondary School in a school I knew nothing about with all my friends back home in Dublin. But despite the frustrations, over time I adjusted to the new way of living and made lifelong best friends that I’ve shared and hopefully will continue to share many happy memories with. In hindsight it’s probably a positive experience to have seen both worlds. I now carry memories of ruining around the streets, jumpers for goalposts, the smell of factories such as Tayto and Cadburys in the air as well memories of running around big open fields, jumpers for goalposts, and the smell of fresh air which unfortunately was sometimes ruined by the spreading of slurry. I find it hard to describe the area of Donacarney to people who aren’t aware of it, the best I can do is to say it’s too urban to be called the country and too country to be called urban. Having lived on both sides of the coin and enjoyed it, I have to say I’m a city boy at heart, I like finding my spot among all the chaos.

Fast forward to today and I’m 26 years old with a degree in Marketing from Carlow Institute of Technology. I lived in Carlow during my time in college, I loved living independently and I think it’s something everyone should experience as early as possible. Marketing is an area I found by accident, through studying general Business Studies I discovered my passion for Marketing. It gives a great balance between the rational and creative sides of me, writing content is something I never imagined a career in growing up, now the idea of making a living from it is what drives me career wise. I was pretty lucky when I left college, I landed in an internship in Swords, Dublin, within two weeks of my final exam. The internship was in Digital Marketing and led to a full time job, where, one of my roles is writing content. It’s a genuinely lovely place to work and I couldn’t have landed on my feet any better, a 10.0 for landing.

Finally, here are some other things you may not know about me:

  • I love sport, I played everything growing up. I’ll gladly spend a day or a weekend watching all kinds of different sports on TV. It was to a point that when I was younger, my parents tell me I would sit in front of the TV for hours watching Bowls, a sport that’s insufferable to watch for most. I’ll watch almost any sport, I’m told its a trait I got from my Grandad.
  • I’m a massive music fan. My musical taste spreads across a wide range of genres but Indie Rock is definitely the scene I have the strongest connection with. Anyone that knows me well knows that Oasis are my favourite band of all time. I’ve learned to play the guitar and have been playing for a good few years now, its a great way to unwind. I can’t do playlists other than at parties, I’m a traditionalist in that sense, I like to listen to whole albums at a go.
  • I’m a gamer, always have been. It started with the Sega Mega Drive and games like Sonic when I was a kid and has continued to this day where I play the Xbox One. I used to spend a lot of evenings just watching my Uncle play his PC or my cousin play his Xbox. I follow the industry a bit and gaming YouTubers, I find the community surrounding gaming and gamers to be a close and funny bunch of people.
  • Winter is my favourite time of year. Partly because I like the cold and partly because that’s where Christmas is.
  • Movies and TV shows are a hobby that I think nearly everyone shares, it depends on which ones really rather than if you like them or not, who doesn’t like them? But I like to go a bit deeper, I like to look at how films are edited, how a message is conveyed through the type of shot, the acting and motions, and the sound. I like finding Easter eggs or unusual tibits about the film or actors. Long story short I’m a bit of a nerd.
  • I like to cook. I’m by no means a master chef, but if your looking for a good curry I think I can hold my ground. Unfortunately with the modern pace of life cooking can become more of a chore, but when I get the time to just enjoy it, its great. I’m not a food connoisseur though, I mean I know the difference between good and bad quality food, but parents, family and girlfriends have all described me as a dumpster, leave a plate in front of me and I’ll clear it.

If there’s anything else you would like to know then you can contact me either through social media, leaving a comment or by using the contact section of this blog. Maybe your question will inspire a post!

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